Our Brands

RevlTek proudly developed a variety of brands dedicated to enhancing your financial well-being: WellBridge CareCard and Colleging. Together, these brands embody our commitment to providing innovative financial solutions that empower individuals and communities to achieve their goals.

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The RevlTek Difference

WellBridge CareCard

WellBridge CareCard is your dedicated ally in managing healthcare expenses with ease and confidence. We recognize the challenges of unexpected medical costs and the complexities of navigating healthcare finances. That's why we've developed a specialized healthcare credit card tailored to alleviate the financial strain of medical bills, even in conjunction with health insurance, ensuring you have access to the care you require without undue stress. We firmly believe that networks or financial constraints should not constrain your healthcare decisions. The WellBridge CareCard empowers you with the freedom to choose the healthcare services you need when you need them. Offering competitive interest rates, comprehensive coverage, and a steadfast commitment to your well-being, WellBridge CareCard stands as your trusted partner in attaining improved health and peace of mind.

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Colleging specializes in delivering tailored education solutions to credit unions, assisting them in attracting and serving members with expertise. With a wealth of experience spanning decades in education finance, including origination, servicing, capital markets, insurance, and risk mitigation, we bring a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Our flagship offering, TuitionU, is a white-label college planning tool designed to expand financial wellness efforts for credit union members. TuitionU provides access to a range of invaluable resources, including return on investment calculators, college and career comparison tools, savings strategies, and more. By leveraging TuitionU, students and their families can make informed decisions regarding their financial planning and education goals. Moreover, by integrating education lending into their portfolio, credit unions not only support higher education in the community but also enhance their offerings to potential new members. Colleging empowers credit unions to generate higher loan volume and net income from private student loans, providing a direct alternative that simplifies education finance and makes it more accessible for students. With Colleging as a partner, credit unions can better serve their members while simultaneously strengthening their position in the market.

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What We Do Best

A comprehensive approach to partnership — Managing the details of every part of your loan program from acquisition through final payment and asset management.

Program Administration

From application intake to final payment, RevlTek manages loan programs for credit unions under a single contract for life-of-loan.

Portfolio Management

High quality oversight of payment processing, customer service and default management unlike any other provider.

Capital Markets

Creating liquidity options for our clients that decrease balance sheet risk and credit concentration.

Grow Your Credit Union Membership While Serving Your Local Higher Education Community

Attract new members and help existing members leverage college planning and education finance.

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